Growing up as a teenager, I was always fascinated at how builders and developers took raw land and converted that land into homes, townhouses or commercial buildings. I then decided that I wanted to get into land development. So, I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Urban Planning (with Honors). After deciding that 4 years of school wasn't enough and with nothing else to do, I decided to complete my Master's Degree in City Planning, which I did in 1998, from the University of Maryland at College Park.

It's amazing how my educational background in City Planning has complimented my career in Real Estate. With this background and some architectural background, I have a keen eye for possibilities in homes and for matching property to the right person. Also, attention to detail has become paramount to my business success.



I certainly do - in the form of my 3 beautiful girls! Olivia and Sophia are my twin 13-year olds and Daniela is my 9-year old daughter. I'm also married to a wonderful woman and I couldn't be more thrilled! They are all true bundles of joy and they keep me very busy!! Besides keeping me constantly on the move, Olivia, Sophia and Daniela provide me with the perseverence and motivation to treat all my clients with respect and to work as hard as I can for each and every client.



I pride myself on staying on top of the Annapolis real estate market. I keep abreast of new Annapolis homes for sale. My clients want to work with me because I am committed to their needs. First and foremost - I listen to what my clients have to say. I am timely. I provide advice that is objective. My service is complete. My goal is to be informative, helpful and provide experienced guidance through the process.

When making decisions about real estate in Annapolis or in other areas, it's important to have a Realtor who eases your tensions and calms your fears. My direct and straightforward manner ensures that things are done after careful thought and consideration to the possible outcomes. This helps my clients in making informed decisions.

It's this respect for my clients that keeps them coming back to me for assistance in buying or selling their homes. Many of my clients come as referrals from previous transactions. In Annapolis and throughout Anne Arundel County, I have earned a reputation for excellence in real estate, and I am highly respected by my peers.

If you are looking for the Realtor who knows "his stuff", call me for the experience and success you deserve in helping you buy or sell your home. You won't be disappointed!