HomeYou don't need to be an interior decorator to understand color, or create satisfying personal spaces around your home. Here is some quick inspiration for your next decorating project.

Blue has timeless appeal, the wide range of hues make it a continual favorite for bedrooms and nurseries—and not just for boys. Pale blues in living spaces for grownups are just as appealing.

Yellow is extremely versatile, creating the illusion of light or complementing light-filled rooms. Yellow is accompanied well by other colors found beside it in nature like tangerine, brown, fuchsia, lime green and persimmon.

Green gives visual impact even as a neutral. Bring the outdoors inside and mix greens the same as you would in the garden, adding accents of aqua, pink or even white.

Red is intense and dramatic, a backdrop for strong accessories like silver and porcelain. Always a great choice in dining rooms, accented with charcoal grays, dark chocolates and rich caramels.

Purple shades make for fabulous accent pieces, but work well for bedrooms, too, especially for kids.

Pink doesn't have to be the shade of bubblegum to be useful in living rooms, master bedrooms or girls' rooms. As an accessory, a little pink goes a long way to soften hard edges.

White is a backdrop allowing other colors to stand out, or help showcase collections. White walls draw the eye upward to artwork, or serve as a great wake-up space in the breakfast nook.

Brown creates a cozy cocoon in a bedroom, small living room, library or office. Look to nature to inspire your accent colors: pumpkin, terra-cotta, and saffron, or deep red, green, and turquoise.